Cross Country Ranch

the Best Twist on Fame is Cash in your Pocket​ 

standing....................GUYS POCKET COIN | BEST ADVICE | MULBERRY FAME | JUDGE CASH | A Firewater Twist RB

We're located in beautiful Culver, Oregon,
and are excited to offer you a Dynamite Stallion line up!  

Guys Pocket Coin, Best Advice, Mulberry Fame, A Firewater Twist RB and Judge Cash
represent some of the best blood there is since they're all son's of the
greatest sires in today's market whether you're breeding
Barrel Horses or Race Horses.

I invite you to view the dam side of these stallions and see what strong bloodlines these proven mares have brought to each stallion. After seeing the dams you'll see why these stallions are great, or are on their way to being great.

Guys Pocket Coin | "Pockets" provides great barrel producing bloodlines and out of the blue hen mare Queens Coin, this mare is a top producer.  "Pockets" babies are proven 1D contenders.

Best Advice | "Walt" is already siring colts on the track that are building a great start to his portfolio. Some will be entering the barrel pen soon and the owner/trainers are saying good things about them. 

Mulberry Fame | Take one of the greatest mares of all time and cross her on the best stallion in history and you get "Church," one of the best stallion pedigress in the business.

A Firewater Twist RB | "Twister" is the newist addtion to the Cross Country Ranch family and owned by Fawn Kerns of Rainbow Bar Ranch.  He is a 1D money earing barrel horse sire with a progeny earning $23,000+ LTE, including the 2013 C-N Futurity Champion.

Judge Cash | This stallion needs no introduction.  He us left for greener pastures in September of 2017.  We are offeing only 10 breedings for the 2019 season.

Over the years we have worked hard to build a reputation for providing good customer service and want you to know we'll do our best for you. Our conception rates are high for both on farm and shipped semen. We have a file of compliments from vets that take the time to tell us how impressed they are with their shipments that they receive. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with shipped semen, then I suggest you give us a try and we may change that.
My name is Scottie and I started out in horse racing at the bottom, as a stall mucker… but, my aim was to ride races. I was one of the lucky ones and got to fulfill that dream and it was amazing! I was privileged to ride with the likes of Julie Krone, Donna Barton, Bill Shoemaker, and some other greats. 

Injuries eventually forced me down a different path which included training race horses… a real job at Fedex for 12 years… and then back to the horses with breeding. While I consider myself a horseman, I am also a lab rat at heart. The fascination of Assisted Reproduction drew me from TB’s to QH’s and that is why I acquired Judge Cash. How was I so blessed to be picked to care for him? I have no idea… but the rest is history. 

I want to thank all of you that have supported Cross Country Ranch over the years. Without our loyal clients (many that have become good friends) we wouldn’t have survived. You have seen us grow into a thriving ranch and I know some of you share the same sense of pride that I do.