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Dash Ta Fame x Mulberry Canyon Moon [Marthas Six Moon]

Mulberry Canyon Moon...Earnings of over $350k!
A Lethal Futurity mare that won 3 rounds at the NFR
+ American Qualifier and now is a Proven Producer!

​​2018 Fee: $2,500 [considerations to well proven mares] | ​Booking Fee $300 | Shipped Semen $325
Dash Ta Fame...How do you choose from all the DTF stallions out there?!  It comes down to the DAM!

Take one of the Greatest Mares of all time and cross her on the Best Stallion in history...and you get Mulberry Fame!

A compact 15.2 stallion with good bone, solid feet, a nice head & neck, with a kind disposition.

Church will be nominated to all major incentive programs when is progeny come of age.